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Happier professionals means happier pets and pet parents. We are leveraging technology to minimize the time spent on administrative tasks and maximize the time spent on care.

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We help families find reliable mobile veterinarians that they love!

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We want to help you grow your clientele and business.

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Build great relationships with mobile professionals, when they grow - you grow.

Michelle Eisenberg

Barney’s mom

The combination is brilliant, my daughters and my pups love having Dr. Hadar come visit us at home! We’re using the app to schedule appointments, view records, and it's great knowing we have 24/7 support!

Dr. Flores

Mobile veterinarian

This whole model was new to me, but right from the first call, I liked who’s behind Kumba and their vision - helping my business grow! Today, Kumba is much more than operations support or a tech platform, they’re a true partner.

Dr. Ganz

Hospital owner

We were looking to hire a vet for more than a year, it has been quite frustrating. Eventually one of the mobile vets joined our team on a part time basis and now she, and other veterinarians, are referring their patients to our clinic. We’re seeing more advanced cases and it’s helping increase the bottom line!”

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Human-animal bond!

Kumba’s mission is to help more people have that special human-animal bond in their lives, helping children become better adults and improving the lives of elderly people.

Mobile vets are awesome!

Getting in-home vet care is a much better experience for everyone. Kumba's hybrid model helps new and existing mobile vets to operate their businesses efficiently and provide better care to their clients.

Better pet care, together!

Collaboration is key to success! That's how we invision veterinary care:

A win-win situation!

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