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Here's the deal - we'll handle the administrative work, and you focus on the medicine. What do you think?

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We think in-home care is a BIG thing!

Once you experience the magic of house calls, you know it's better for everyone involved. We're taking out all of the annoying stuff, providing everyone with an even better house call experience.

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I love being a mobile vet and educating my clients. Kumba's software helps me spend less time on the road, helping me be more efficient and bring care to a higher standard.

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No more route planning and sending out ETAs! The best part is that it works offline.


I have more than 100 appointments each month, I love having my routes automatically calculated for me.

Meet Dr. Barr Hadar

Kumba's Co-founder & Chief Veterinary Officer

Barr Hadar

Experienced veterinarian and PhD candidate in health informatics, digital healthcare, and emerging technology in veterinary medicine.

I worked in a variety of small animal clinics, a large animal ambulatory practice, and operated my own small animal mobile service. I am actively engaged at the intersection of technology and veterinary medicine. I co-founded Kumba because I wanted to help improve the pet care experience and promote the human-animal bond. I’ve always worked in animal care and had the desire to be an entrepreneur. Watching my parents launch various successful businesses was a huge inspiration to me.

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