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Monthly appointments

Maximum number of scheduled appointments.

Cloud-based software

Work anywhere. All data is backed-up, safe, and secure with our AWS powered system.

Network - Online profile

Grow your clientele and connect with other caregivers on the Kumba network with your online profile.

Web dashboard

Easy to use web dashboard for practice management and record keeping.

Android & iOS apps

Use Kumba on-the-go from your smart device.

Offline access

Stay connected offline and access your client/patient data anytime, anywhere, via the mobile app.

Scheduling link

Share your personal scheduling link with clients or embed it on your website.

Online booking system

Real time 24/7 online booking. Spend less time on the phone. Convenient for you and your clients.

Location based scheduling

Designate time slots by area for increased efficiency (i.e. zip codes, distance from home, map drawing).

Schedule optimization

Easily see ideal day/time to place new appointments in your existing schedule based on their location.

Route optimization

Kumba will automatically calculate your most efficient route for each time slot based on location, traffic, and other variables. Easily view and edit your routes.

Automated messaging

Send automated reminder messages and ETA updates to ensure your clients are ready for their appointment.


Communicate with your clients through chat messages and video consultations within the app.

Pet parent portal

Your clients will be able schedule, communicate, and access records via their pet parent portal.

Health records

Simple record keeping system without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Customer support

Receive support from our customer success team through phone, email, or chat.

Business insights

Understand your business better and improve your operations with business data reports and analytics.

24/7 virtual vet tech assistance

A certified veterinary technician will be your virtual assistant to help with scheduling, triage, follow-up, client communication, and more.

Billing & accounting

(coming soon)

Payment processing and Quickbooks integration.

Clinical decision support system

(on road map)

Prompts and reminders from health data analysis to assist in implementing personalized evidence-based clinical guidelines at the point of care.

Frequently asked questions

Kumba takes care of your administrative tasks so you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients. We help increase your efficiency and optimize your practice. We view our users as design partners – designing and developing based on your needs and feedback.

We have been operating in Israel for the last 3 years, with 30+ veterinarians using the software and 13,000+ house calls scheduled through Kumba. We have recently expanded to the U.S. and would love to see how we can help your practice as well.

Get started for free (no credit card needed) and customize based on your needs. For 25 scheduled appointments or less, Kumba is free forever. For unlimited scheduled appointments, it’s only $50/month after your free trial (limited time offer). 24/7 virtual veterinary assistance and other services are available for an additional cost. 

It is quick and easy to get started – no data migration or practice management software change needed. Just set up an online profile, send clients your booking page link (like a location based calendly), view/edit your optimized routes, and communicate with clients through the Kumba app (optional).

Let us help you set before the right boundaries. Weʼd love to talk.

We’re looking for partners who believe there are better ways to support pets who need care — and are excited to work with us to modernize our industry.

We wonʼt share your information with third parties but may contact you to see how we can help.