Easily refer to colleagues, and offer a better solution to your customers

Does your patient need advanced care? Not available to fit a client in your schedule? Need to collect diagnostic samples? It’s now simple to refer your patients to a mobile veterinary technician, a clinic, or another mobile vet. They can easily refer clients to you as well.

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Collaboration is better
(and lowers expenses)

Better for you!

Take advantage of the network effect so you don’t need to hire anyone and for a better work-life balance.

For your colleagues!

They get a one-time educated customer for a specific procedure, and get to build a relationship with you for the next time they need help!

It’s easy and safe

Finding trustable colleagues, sharing medical records, and more – we’ve made it simple!

How does it work?

Select pet

Choose the animal you want to refer

Fill referral form

Fill out form with referral notes and attach medical records

Find colleagues

Easily filter by location, expertise, price range, availability and more!

Follow up easily

Get a detailed referral summary and write an optional review of the professional.

The best businesses collaborate,
and it’s making them grow faster!

Your clients love you, and they count on you when they have an issue with their pet. You’ve worked hard to develop that relationship, but doing everything yourself and constant availability is not sustainable. We’ve made referrals easy. Develop your referral network to support your practice and help set your boundaries. Your clients will appreciate the team of caregivers you have recommended for their pets.

Frequently asked questions

Who can I refer to?

Other mobile vets, mobile veterinary technicians, mobile specialists, general practice clinic, referral center, 24/7 tele-triage, groomer, and others. You decide what’s best for your customers.

Can I also get referrals?

Absolutely! If you are accepting new patients, this will likely happen. Others will be happy to refer to you. Our current mobile veterinary users have noticed an increase in referrals from brick and mortar clinics.

What’s preventing someone from stealing my customer?

This never happened before – mainly because most people in the veterinary industry understand proper referral etiquette. But just in case, we’ve also set up a quick legal agreement between you (the referrer) and the referee to make sure your interests are protected. There is also a review and rating system to incentivize and reward best practice.

How can we help you?

Want to start getting referrals? Interested in learning more about the referral network? We’d love to talk!

We wonʼt share your information with third parties but may contact you to see how we can help.

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