Scheduling & Routing for Mobile Vets

Kumba has the right technology and the best team of veterinary professionals to automate your work flow and triage your patients! Here's the deal, we'll handle the administrative work and you focus on the medicine. How does that sound?

Created with ♥️ by mobile vets, for mobile vets.

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Created with ♥️ by mobile vets, for mobile vets.

Supercharge your practice!

More time with patients

52% less

time on the road. We've developed great technology to make sure you're efficient on the road.

Smarter scheduling

73% of

appointments are scheduled online with our smart scheduling tool.

Better work-life balance

2.5x more

efficient. It's up to you to decide on your new work-life balance.

We are here for you


satisfaction rate by mobile vets. We exist to expand the world’s capacity for in-home vet care.

Welcome to your new life!
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You’ll spend much less time on scheduling and routing!

Just let us know your schedule & preferences, open the App, and hit "Start Route". We'll take care of your reminders, help schedule your patients, cluster your appointments by location, and optimize your route to be most efficient.

Your revenue will increase!

Kumba is by far the best investment you’ll ever make! When your schedule is more efficient, you’re able to see more appointments each day.

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You’ll have a better work-life balance!

We’re helping you set the right boundaries. It's tough to always be available for your clients - no worries: catch a movie, go for a run, or spend time with the kids, we've got your back!

You and your clients will enjoy an easy-to-use high tech experience!

Use an app with offline access when you're on the go and a desktop version when you want a larger screen. Your clients will have a pet portal to easily schedule appointments, communicate with you, and much more. Our systems are easy to use and we are always there for support.

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You'll have full control, but less to worry about!

Your clients will get the same personal touch you know they love! Just let us know your preferences and our experienced RVT teletriage team can provide the best solution for your clients.

We’re helping mobile vets like you!

Kumba allows me to manage my mobile practice more efficiently. They provide support and peace of mind for me and my clients.

Dr. Nanson, Texas

Kumba has helped our clients easily schedule their appointments online or with Kumba's teletriage team. Our clients love having this service available!

Dr. Wallace, California

Using Kumba has completely changed my business. Within months, we saw a significant increase in revenue.

Frequently asked questions

Kumba offers a comprehensive scheduling and routing solution for mobile veterinarians:

  • Easy to use software – A mobile app, desktop portal, and personal scheduling link (like a location based calendly – based on zip/postal codes or map polygon drawings).
  • Smart scheduler and route optimizer – Kumba’s proprietary algorithm that clusters appointments into an efficient schedule and creates the best routes.
  • Schedule analyzer – know which is the best time-slot to book new appointments and easily see the distance and travel time they would add to your routes.
  • Client communication system – communicate with clients directly through the Kumba app and auto text/email clients with route status and ETA updates.
  • Phone service (optional) – A great team of RVTs, experienced in housecalls and teletriage, to answer your calls and schedule your clients.

Anything else you want? Let us know and we’ll add it to the roadmap!

We are continuously improving our system and have saved mobile veterinarians hours a day on scheduling and driving times.

Kumba exists to expand the world’s capacity for in-home veterinary care because we believe it is great for everyone. We are here to empower you and boost your business to the next level. Kumba takes care of administrative tasks – increasing your efficiency and optimizing your practice – so you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients.

When you choose Kumba, you’re gaining a powerful technological arm with custom made software for mobile veterinarians, trained professionals to answer your calls and support your clients, a business development arm to help you scale, and much more! We’ve joined vets on thousands of house calls to ensure we are developing the best solution that fits your needs. We view our users as design partners – designing and developing based on your needs and feedback – constantly thinking of ways to help improve the experience for you and your clients. We’ll always have a “can-do” approach! 

We have been operating in Israel for the last 3 years, with 30+ veterinarians using the software and 13,000+ house calls scheduled through Kumba. We have recently expanded to the U.S. and would love to see how we can help your practice as well.

Get started for free (no credit card needed) and customize based on your needs.  

For 25 scheduled appointments or less, the Kumba software is free forever. For unlimited scheduled appointments, it’s only $50/month after your free trial (limited time offer). 24/7 virtual veterinary assistance, tele-triage, and other services are available for an additional cost. 

Kumba’s pricing model is designed to work for all clinic sizes and needs. Whether you are a part-time mobile vet, full-time mobile vet, new mobile vet just starting their business, large mobile veterinary clinic, end-of-life provider, or alternative care practitioner, we’ll find something that works for you. We promise Kumba will be the best investment you have made for your business. Our technology makes us extra efficient, allowing us to offer you a great rate unlike any other.

***Early users will receive our heavily discounted special offer.***

It is quick and easy to get started – no data migration or practice management software change needed. Just let us known your schedule and your preferences and we’ll take care of the rest. 

We will set you up with our smart scheduling system and tele-triage team and soon after you will be able to view/edit your optimized routes and communicate with clients through the Kumba app (optional). 

Absolutely, our system works great alongside any practice management software. We are working on integrations to offer you even better service. Stay tuned!

As soon as you’re ready! We can have you up and running in days. Book a demo or send us your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss how we can make your veterinary life easier.

We have a passionate team with a lot of love for veterinary medicine!

Barr Hadar

DVM, Co-founder & Chief Veterinarian

Veterinarian and PhD candidate in health informatics, digital healthcare, and emerging technology in veterinary medicine.

I worked in a variety of small animal clinics, a large animal ambulatory practice, and operated my own small animal mobile service. I am actively engaged at the intersection of technology and veterinary medicine. I co-founded Kumba because I wanted to help improve the pet care experience and promote the human-animal bond. I’ve always worked in animal care and had the desire to be an entrepreneur. Watching my parents launch
various successful businesses was a
huge inspiration to me.


Cheryl Miller

RVT, CVBL, FFCP, VCC. Head of Digital Health

My passion is veterinary telehealth. In the last several years of my career, I have been working with and leading telehealth teams from the ground up at two veterinary start-ups. The feedback received from clients at both start-ups, that they didn't know technicians could be such a "superpower", is what has inspired me most and continues to inspire me in the work I want to do.

I am also passionate about reducing burnout in the veterinary field. As someone with personal experience with burnout I understand that there needs to be a paradigm shift, across the field, away from "see every pet at any cost," including the cost of mental health for all staff.

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