Scheduling and Routing for Mobile & Hybrid Clinics.

Our AI-powered scheduling and routing tool transforms your mobile or hybrid veterinary clinic. Integrate with your PIMS or upload your client list—Kumba handles the rest. Our advanced technology optimizes routes and schedules, making your operations more efficient and reducing travel time.

Created with ♥️ by mobile vets, for mobile vets. 

Veterinary clinics across the US and Canada are using Kumba to streamline scheduling


Your practice!

More time with patients




time on the road allows you to see more clients or have more free time.

Smarter scheduling




appointments, on average,  are scheduled online 

Faser time to schedule




phone calls for back-office teams using the admin tool.

Exceptional support



satisfaction rate. Our mission is to expand the world’s capacity for in-home vet care.

Welcome to your

New life!

You'll Wake Up in the Morning, Enjoy Your Coffee, Open the App, and Hit 'Start Route'

Our algorithm uses the chief complaint, client profile, patient medical history, and your schedule to provide clients with the best scheduling options 24/7. You retain full control to modify and adjust these options as needed.

Enjoy Your Favorite Music on the Road While We Inform Everyone That You're on Your Way

With real-time ETA updates, you’ll always know if you’re early, on-time, or running late. Enjoy the flexibility to add a customer on the go and see how it affects your schedule and route—right from the app.

We Empower Your Back-Office Team as Well

We assist you in establishing necessary boundaries. It’s challenging to be constantly available for your clients, but don’t worry; whether it’s catching a movie, going for a run, or spending time with your kids, we’ve got you covered!

You and your clients will enjoy an easy-to-use high tech experience!

Utilize our app with offline access while on the go, and switch to the desktop version for a larger screen. Your clients will have access to a pet portal for easy appointment scheduling and more. Our system is user-friendly, and our support team is always here to assist you.

How it


Connect with your calendar

Connect Kumba with your practice management system to sync real-time availability, so you’re never double-booked. We have a team to do this for you.

Create scheduling rules

Control availability and replicate your existing booking workflow by setting your preferences in the user-friendly Kumba dashboard.

Share availability anywhere

Embed Kumba on your website, or share booking links in email campaigns, text messages, social profiles, or web ch

Receive bookings & payments

Accept bookings without calendar conflicts, take payments at the time of booking, and send automated reminders without lifting a finger.



How Vet24 saved 16 hours a week with Vetstoria's online booking 


Practice Manager
Tierarztpxaris Hertz

How Vet24 saved 16 hours a week with Vetstoria's online booking 


Practice Manager
Tierarztpxaris Hertz

How Vet24 saved 16 hours a week with Vetstoria's online booking 


Practice Manager
Tierarztpxaris Hertz


Dr. Barr Hadar,

Kumba’s Co-founder, DVM, Chief Veterinarian

Veterinarian and PhD candidate in health informatics, digital healthcare, and emerging technology in veterinary medicine.

I worked in a variety of small animal clinics, a large animal ambulatory practice, and operated my own small animal mobile service. I am actively engaged at the intersection of technology and veterinary medicine. I co-founded Kumba because I wanted to help improve the pet care experience and promote the human-animal bond. I’ve always worked in animal care and had the desire to be an entrepreneur. Watching my parents launch various successful businesses was a huge inspiration to me.

Barr Hadar

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